Providing assurance through performance reviews and audits

Providing assurance in statutory and regularity compliance, wildlife hazard management best practice and optimised service through performance reviews and audits.

Aviaire performance reviews

Undertaken by a wildlife hazard management expert with sound knowledge and operational experience in industry good practice.

The performance review seeks to study current practice and records, looking at results and for trends that demonstrate where there are areas for improved performance.

Aviaire audits

Extensive testing against agreed service contracts, statutory and regulatory requirements, the principles of safety management systems (SMS) and industry good practice.

Results are an opinion of positive assurance to a client with the evaluation being true and fair in accordance with the applicable frameworks.

Aviaire recommendations are always appropriate, pragmatic and proportional

Aviaire performance reviews and audits provide a reliable health check that supports detection and prevention of wildlife hazards and bird risk management irregularities.

Reviews and audits are tailored to the needs of a client, be that an airport, contracted service provider or a property management company.

Before any airport or company enters into a commitment to procure new wildlife hazard management equipment or resources they should first consider:

1. Performance reviews – Understand how well wildlife hazard management is currently being delivered.

2. Training – Make sure everyone understands good practice in their role and responsibilities.

Clients often have existing wildlife hazard or bird risk management programmes in place however can lack capacity or knowledge to effectively evaluate performance, compliance and costs.

Aviaire provides support to a client with conclusions presented in a format that allows for easy reading and implementation to mitigate observed risks.

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