Wildlife Hazard Management

Improving safety from the ground up

With over thirty years of aviation and built environment experience, Aviaire is a high quality service provider, creating long-lasting relationships through a commitment to providing appropriate, proportionate and affordable solutions. Read more


Aviaire provide high-quality, affordable support for clients in good management, performance and robust decision-making. Wildlife hazard risks and built environment bird issues mitigated with real savings in time and costs. Read more


Internationally experienced in Wildlife Hazard Management training. Aviaire offers a variety of courses for operational staff and management, providing up-to-date content led by industry experts. Read more

Good practice minimises risks in safety, cost and reputation

Aviaire has taken the guesswork away and made life easier for clients by reviewing wildlife hazard management processes across the world. Aviaire know that issues and risks are minimised by following industry recognised good practices. The starting place to minimise such risks and achieve affordable improvements begins with 'Learning'. Read more