Wildlife Hazard Management

Improving safety from the ground up

With over thirty years of operational aviation and built environment experience; Aviaire consultants provide appropriate, strategic support with a commitment to always providing reasonable and practical solutions for clients.

Airports & Aviation

Understand the wildlife hazard risks and reduce the potential for wildlife strikes. Good wildlife hazard management is all about understanding why the wildlife is presenting a risk to aircraft and how you can mitigate this.

Built Environment

Expert advice from outline design to support maximised green factors, biodiversity and smoothed planning application processes with mitigated objections from airports.

Performance Reviews

Providing assurance in statutory and regularity compliance, wildlife hazard management best practice and optimised services through performance reviews and audits.


Training in the principles and benefits of good practice in wildlife hazard management in accordance with statutory and regulatory standards and recommended practices (SARPs).

Smarter thinking. Smarter working.

Reduced wildlife strikes, improved air safety.

With over 30 years’ experience of wildlife hazard management across the globe; Aviaire provides strategic support focused on effectively reducing the risk of wildlife strikes and increasing operational efficiencies.

England and Wales Office

Sion Hill

Scotland Office

St Martins