Cost & risk mitigation through early introduction of Aviaire experts

Advice from Aviaire subject matter experts during planning and design stages will smooth planning application processes and any likely objections from airports. It will also reduce wildlife hazard cost and legal risks during construction and in-use management of a site and it’s wider landscape.

Aviaire’s services

Aviaire’s service include:


  • Site-specific wildlife hazard species and ecology surveys and monitoring services
  • Risk assessment of proposed designs, for catalysts to potential elevations in wildlife hazard risks
  • Site-specific wildlife hazard management plans, for enabling works, construction and in-use phases
  • Master planning, detailed design and specification support, for architects, ecologists and water engineers
  • Planning application support service, to sooth application process and minimise planning conditions
  • Supply and advice on appropriate wildlife hazard management equipment
  • Whole-life wildlife hazard management project cost saving and risk assessment support service
  • Expert witness and support service, for wildlife strike accountability and compensation claims

Support and advice at all stages from Aviaire

Tangible benefits achievable in all stages of a projectincluding in-use facilities management

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